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Established in 1996, TESCO has continuously grown to be a major contractor for geothermal companies in the Philippines and overseas. The company operates in three plants which are strategically located for easy access for its vendors, clients and personnel.


Through the years, it has formed alliances with foreign companies bringing in new technologies in product development and service. TESCO maintains the tradition of providing quality service and products by continuously improving its quality program. Proof of this is the company’s certification to ISO 9001:2008 and API Spec 7-1.


TESCO also maintains a comprehensive safety and health management program for its operations and employees. Every year, major clients such as Chevron, conducts CHESM ( Chevron Health, Environment and Safety Management ) audits to make sure our operations adhere to strict international safety standards.


With its wealth of technical expertise, equipment and resources, we believe we can continuously serve the industry with emphasis on quality, efficiency and safety.



API SPEC 7 - 1
ISO 9001:2008

API SPEC 7 - 1

ISO 9001:2008


  Drill Stem Subs, Crossovers, Adapters based on API Specifications.
  Flanges, Spools, Double Studded Adapter Flanges based on API Specifications.
  Fishing and Milling Tools.
  Steel Fabricated equipment such as Tanks, Degassers, Piping, Silos.



  Drilling Jars Servicing
  API Machining of Drill Stem Tools
  API Casing Machining
  Redressing of Stabilizers, Milling Tools, Special Tools
  Geothermal Wellhead Equipment Replacement Tool (GWERT)
  Field Welding of Casing Head Flanges (CHF)
  Dismantling of Underground Steel Tanks
  Rental Equipment for Rig Operations
  Onsite Special Services